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Monday, January 10, 2011

Religion, is it a scam?

So said the American Atheists’ billboard above; it is a billboard promoting the American Atheists Southeast Regional Atheist Meet (SERAM) by putting this billboard up in Huntsville, Alabama. But, is the phrase, “You Know they’re all SCAMS, an accurate statement? To understand it, one must first know what the word scam really means. There are a couple of definitions for word scam, for example, scam is define as “a ploy by a shyster to raise money”, an attempt “to victimize” or “deprive of by deceit”; an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons usually with the goal of financial or other gain”. Does religion fulfill these requirements? If it does, then it is a scam.
However, the idea that religion is a Scam might be hard to establish since religion have been part of the human experience for ever. To show this to be true, one has to prove it was created form the onset for fraudulent purposes. However, I doubt that it was. In fact, religion has been researched and shown to be a MYTH; a myth born for the purpose of quelling the fear of nature harbored by the primitive people. If this is true, religion was not initially created as a system to deceit nor was it to raise or deprive people of money. It was created as a coping mechanism. 
However, what can be shown to be true, I believe, is that at some point the power religion had on the mind of the people was realized and was taken advantage of by power hungry people. At this point, religion became a product peddled by SCAM ARTISTS.
Today, these SCAM ARTISTS are our political leaders, popes, preachers, Rabbis, Imams, and apologists who are knowingly peddling myths as actual facts to unsuspecting buyers. They are not sincere people spreading a belief they genuinely believe is true. They are charlatans (Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Eddie Long, etc.). These people do know religion has been proven to be a myth, but to maintain their status, I will argue, refuses to take the side of truth and, in the form of apologists, bamboozling the gullible (BLIND BELIEVERS) into to believing that religion is bas on truth, and not myth. This, I believe, is been done for no other reason than for maintain their power, fame, and a constant floor of money. These people are the SCAMERS; they are the SCAM ARTESTS, and not religion per say. RELIGION IS A MYTH! These people are the snake-oil-salesmen selling fake mythic medicine to the sincere.  

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