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Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is Dangerous Stuff

The idea of a being that disobeys normal rules laid down by a god has always been a part of religion. This breaking of the rules was not done by the being himself or herself but tries to get human being to do that by tricking them. This goal was seen as a way to achieve a positive change in the lives of human being.
However, as time passed, this aspect of religion has been given a makeover as monotheism took over polytheism. No longer does this being was seen as a trickster (not unlike the Yoruba trickster god Eshu/Elegba, the Greek's Hermes and the Roman's Mercury), someone whose job was to test or tempt human being to see if they will take the opposite road. In the Bible, as my wife informed me, there are glimpses of this; it shows up in the Bible in the Job story. It was a way to help you grow into a better human being, to see if you deserve the greatness God bestowed upon you, as appose to acting as one who is apposite to God, a villain that God wants us to stay away from and if you didn’t God will take you to a pit of eternal torture if you don’t remain on the straight and narrow. Christianity as a monotheistic religion teaches that this being whom they change into their Satan, the Devil, ha diabalos (in Greek) – the mud slinger, is not a trickster working as God’s servant, but instead, this bad character, is now turned into God’s archenemy who, as does God, can posses human being. This is dangerous because we are now being setup. What do I mean? Well, now we are put in apposition where those who do not want to believe as they can describe as the devil’s representative; God’s enemy and, by extension, their enemy.
Indeed, this belief has been a major problem for humanity, and still today many religious continue to believe religious dogmas like this. It is belief like this that let Grenadian Christians come up with statement that portrays nonbelievers, and even people that expresses another faith, as “beast”. “If you are not a Christian then you must be a beast”, they will inform you. But, do they believe that another human being is actually beast? I doubt it. But some do take the idea that one is against them and their God if you disagree with their view very serious; sometimes to the point of being very nasty. All they need to push them over the edge is a fringe pastors spilling hateful language every Saturday and Sunday. And there are many, normally instructing their Christian followers to rebuke the devil and his host whom, I know, they will like to haul over the hot coals to the furnace but can’t. So instead default this diabolic thought to their God to carryout for them. Indeed, their time for revenge, a time they strongly anticipate; thinking they will have the last laugh. This idea, however, is not unlike what Hitler did to the Jews. Now imagine it going on forever. Insane, indeed! So much for Christian unconditional love!
Some religious people, however, act sooner. They don’t wait for the end times. Many of them take it upon themselves to clean the world of God’s enemy; those who will not convert to their corner, and although these insane religious people are often describe, by the more religiously moderate, as extremist or people on the fringe, it is precisely teaching like the one mention above that is often responsible for pushing these people over the edge.
I say let's put back both God and the Devil where they belong, on the shelves mark all myths goes here. Indeed, this Satan taught in Christian theology appears very different from what the Bible present. The Bible writers appear to been scotch-taping together much older myths into one story. Satan appears to be created from Ahriman, the Zoroastrian ‘Lord of Darkness’ and creator of vermin (creeping things) not unlike the biblical devil who also created venomous creatures (Luke 10:18). These similarities and many others are the tell-tail-signs of the use of much older sources as the foundation for these biblical stories.
So, let's use the trials in our lives as incidents that can help us grow to be better human beings. There is no God or Devil responsible for creating them. Let’s stop the demagogy. Stop using these Gods and devils stuff so that you can bully others into your corner by turning them into enemy and then treating them of eternal torment if they refuse your proposal. There is no question that we are allowing others to use myths to control and create enmity among us. They are the real diabalos, the devils. Don’t buy into their story, it’s all myths.  

So say Shango

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