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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who is responsible for human sufferings?

Who is responsible for human suffering was the question in the center of a recent conversation I had with some Grenadian Christians, and, as usual, it was hard to get these Christian to see the larger point of the story because of their preconceive notion which states that Adam and Eve [more so eve] are responsible. Nevertheless, I will show that their preconceive notion is wrong while demonstrating who is really responsible.
First, let me make clear that I am beginning on a false assertion. The assertion that the Bible stores of creation is true. It is not. But for this explanation let’s suppose that it is. If one employs a critical rational view to the biblical narrative of the Adam and Eve story one will notice a very different story emerge, a story far different to what the Christianity teaches its followers to believe. It appears that Adam and Eve were not created and then just choose to disobey a command given by God. No! What emerges from the story is that Adam and Eve appears to have been created to fail. Why do I make such claims? Simple! God, if he is who the claim he is, if he know all things – even your thoughts, means that he knew that they will fail. Yes, Adam and Eve were set up. God set them up to fail so that he can institute his diabolical scheme – sufferings – on the human population and then swoop down as their savior in the end.
Looking at the story one is compel to ask, was there not another way that God could have go about writing the story of humanity? Why allowed it to be played out the way it has. The answer has to be yes, there are other ways. After all we are speaking of God here and there is nothing God cannot do, right. So why weren’t other options used? The answer is quite simple, God did not wanted to.
According to the Bible, God decided to create man. Why? Was he bored? Wasn’t he satisfied with himself? Although the Bible itself does not give any particular reason/s why God created humans, there are many reasons given by theologians and the most popular version seem to that God created human for his own pleasure, or to fellowship with him (1Corinthians 1:9). However, this pleasure or friendship is an after effect. Something you have to seek after God implemented his sadistic plan of watching humans suffer. To be a friend with him you have to come and ask.
Since that it is obvious that God knew what he was doing, as earlier stated. What was he trying to accomplish. Some say the he was “testing” Adam and Eve? But, the question is, testing them for what. What was the purpose? Didn’t he know all things? Not to worry we are assured, God had a plan. Well, this All-knowing, All-wise, All-pervading, All-powerful God, must have had the perfect plan to accomplish his goal. But, what really was God’s plan?  
“Always,” said John Ross Schroeder, in ‘World News & Prophecy,’ “God is working toward a grand goal—the climax of His purpose on earth. The book of Ephesians gives us an awe-inspiring insight into His objective. The subject of the first chapter is the divine activities and purposes of "the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (verse 3, Revised English Bible). The apostle Paul explained: "In Christ our release is secured and our sins forgiven through the shedding of his blood.”
God’s plan, the author is saying, is to save humanity from sin and bring an end to evil. That, however, is the end game. How did humanity come by this sin, in the first place, and was it intended to plague humanity with sin. According to the story, man (Adam and Eve) was given a command by God, not to eat a certain fruit but disobeyed their creator’ command (Geneses 2:16). As a result, they were punishment with sin, resulting with human suffering, and According to Christians like Dave Hunt ‘It had to be,’ (as he/she posted in on July 2005), and that is so because “God has given to all mankind the power of choice” Which Adam and Eve certainly had.
So, it was having the “power to choose,” what gave Adam and Eve the power to violate God’s command. But, who gave Adam and Eve that power? God did, and one will assumes that God intended for them to use it. If not, why give it to them. As a result, that blame, I believe, appears to be faulty place. Adam and Eve never asked for the freedom to choose; it was God in his infinite wisdom bestowed it upon them. So, did God know or did he not know that by giving Adam and Eve such power will lead to them disobeying him. He must have known. He wanted them to sin.
Furthermore, giving such freedom to choose appears to be the right thing done by God. Certainly, the idea of creating one who follows everything you say seems insensitive. However, not with God, because following all that God command is exactly what God intended to accomplish after his game with human ends. After he come to save humanity and those that use their ‘power of choice’ and choose other things sent to hell for doing so, those who remains will be a assembly of people who will be puppet-like, following all God’s command as they was doing before. In fact, according to believers, you have no right to choose what God do not want you to do. The end result is punishment, Hell, how about that for the ‘power to choose’, or ‘freewill’.
Indeed, it seems as if God purposely gave Adam and Eve the so-called freedom to choose knowing that they will sin; in turn, setting the stage for his ultimate plan. However, on the other hand, as Dave Hunt asked, “Could God have made a world inhabited by beings with the power to choose good or evil, to love or to hate, in which no one would ever have made the wrong choice and no one would have been hateful or vindictive, but unfailingly loving and kind?” The answer he gave to his own question is “obviously not, if they were truly free to choose for self instead of for Him and others.”
I totally agree Dave Hunt. That is the exact point I am making. God intended it to be that way. He was concern about this plan, not about human beings, and you were created so that his plan can take effect. Millions of live have been and continues to be lost, suffering, starvation and much more have plague human beings just because someone decided to use their freedom to choose. Certainly, God could have stopped the incident by not putting the tree in the garden since the tree was of no use to Adam and Eve. In fact, God, since he knew what was going to happened in advance, could have change the thoughts of Eve, but he chooses not to. His plan was more important.
Dave Hunt went on to ask, “Could He (God) have created a universe in which beings who are less than Himself would never make a choice that was less than God-like or in which beings who could do what they wanted to do would never rebel against Him?” Dave Hunt answer here is “No. That would be impossible. Beings who were less than God (as are all created beings) could not live up to God’s perfection -- and to sin, for those made in God’s image (Gen 1:27), is to come “short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:23).”
Here, however, I totally disagree with David Hunt. Why? Because God, according to believers, can do all things, and this, if he wanted, could have been done. It is unquestionable that the other options I mention are more moral. Millions of innocent life would have been saved. Instead, God chooses not to choose the more moral rout simple because it would have gone against his intended plan, coming to the rescue in the end. Of course, Mr. Dave Hunt is right, man would not able to live up to God’s perfection, whatever that is, if the freedom to choose is restricted by the same God that gave it to humanity in the first place. Indeed, it appears that God purposely use “freedom to choose” to set the stage whereby he was able to inflect a punishment of pain and suffering on humanity, and according to God, there is more murders to come before the game is all over. So, who is responsible for human sufferings, God is.  

So say Shango

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