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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Grenadian Consumers are Being Cheated

Folks, I have some criticisms concerning business practices that are currently taking place in Grenada. Every time I speak to my family, they complain is always about how expensive consumer goods are. Indeed, we all know that the current state of the world economy is in shambles, and, as a result, is affecting consumers from all corners of the globe.  Certainly, it is hard all over. However, despite this fact, there is a price-gouging scheme that is being committed by Grenadian businesses, and together with the global economic meltdown, are fueling the high cost of living now being experience in Grenada. This price-gouging is down right criminal, and the culprits should be held accountable.
Why are these businesses charging the Grenadian consumers 10 EC dollars for items they bought in the United States costing them only 99cents? Why? Think about it, the Grenadian consumers are been made to pay almost 4 US dollars for an item that only cost 99 cents in the Unites States. Outrageous! Mothers are now using their entire salary to buy pampers for their baby. In my last visit to Grenada, I saw baby foods, that are being sold in the Unites States for 60cents, sold for 3 and 4 US dollars. Who authorized these kinds of pricing? Is it government approved,? Or, are these businesspeople left on their own to do what they want?
Grenada car rental businesses are now asking visiting Grenadians to pay for rentals in US dollars. Yes, in US dollars. In fact, they are asking these visiting Grenadians to pay the same amount of US they pay to rent a car in the United States. This is crazy! It is robbery, period. Grenadians abroad are now contemplating not coming back home for vacation. They are asking, what is the point? I agree, it doesn’t worth it.
Grenadians, I don't know about you, but this is troubling to me. This is certainly unjust to the Grenadian people, both home and abroad. This is robbery in plain daylight, and our government appears to be turning a blind eye. To this unjust action, we must stand up and let our government and the business community know we are not going to tolerate them taking advantage of us anymore.  We, the Grenadian people, must demand that this criminal enterprise be brought to an end now.

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