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Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Heaven, But Some Will Get a World of Misery

So, Harold Camping's Rapture day prediction has passed and nothing happened, what now. I know, I know! Why do we pay nuts like Harold Camping any mind?  He is a nut indeed, but not mentally insane. He knows what he is doing, and that is why, I think, we should be mad at him. This is not the first time this evil man predicted the end of the world, and there were sincere people who believe this nut-ball whose lives were damaged then, and, most certainly, many lives will be damaged now. God, in whom they trust, however, does not care about these people because he has not done anything to stop this man from damaging the lives of sincere believers.  Folks, believing in this crap is dangerous!
According to reports, one of the people who will certainly live I a different world is “Robert Fitzpatrick, a retired New York City engineer who spent $140,000, which news reports said was nearly his entire life's savings, to buy 1,000 bus and subway ads warning people about May 21.”
Other people quit their jobs or left their families to prepare themselves for the day. One woman told NPR she decided to abandon her plans for medical school when she heard of the prediction. Her husband left his job. The two of them decided to spend their final days with their infant daughter, instead.” (Source: Deseret News)
I know, you will scoff at this and say, ‘I will not be caught’ because no man knows the time or hour. Oh, really! Well, I think you are wrong. As a believer, you can, and most often are caught very easily. Prosperity preachers, for example, do it every Sunday. Think about it, if your pastor were the one that came to this rapture date, would you not have believed him or her. I think most of you will. In conversation with almost all Christians, ‘pastor say so and so’ is often use to validate statement. Expectedly, of course, you will not believe Harold Camping conclusion is true because he is not your pastor, and certainly, to you, your pastor is the one that give you correct guidance. You may not realize it, but you no longer think for yourself when you become a BELIEVER. The pastor does it for you. He tells you God spoke to him, and you BELIEVE it, etc.
Indeed, you know that if it was your pastor, the whole congregation, maybe with the exception of a minute amount, would be acting in concert, period. 
Sadly, however, for people like Robert Fitzpatrick who donated their livelihood, the world, as they know it, did end. They now will be living in a world of misery.   

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