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Monday, November 7, 2011

Obama's Secret Drone War is killing Children

To many in America and the Caribbean, the war on "terror" is finding and kill the bad guys, and to most, if not all, there is no innocent people being killed. All the people that killed are bad people. Of course, our views on what is going on in these far away land, on the so-called war on terror is shaped by the CNN, the FOX and the MSMBCs of the world, and these "news medias" has no interests in telling us the facts. They have no interests in letting us know that innocent people are being killed on a daily bases. Instead, these people rationalize the use of this secret drone war, some referring to is as the "Obama Doctrine". Men who seats in an air conditioned comfort room, remotely flying well armed unarmed plains, killing indiscriminately. Indeed, not only innocent adults are being killed, many children are being killed on a daily bases by these drone attacks too. Adults and children are being killed without even knowing who they are. Read this report: The Drone MentalityThis is the "Obama doctrine". Sad indeed.....

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