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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Black Folk Don’t: “Do Atheism”–Really?

This video presents some interesting views on black people and their relationship to atheism. It is indeed true that religiosity and black people seems to be inseparable. However, there is an  deep free-thought and atheism history within the black experience. This truth has been written-out from our historical experience and the religious aspect became the one most loudly promoted. Now, people like professor Anthony Pinn has been bringing back to light that atheistic and free-thought thought process, which  has always been an aspect of black history. I am troubled, however, by Melissa Harris-Perry's equation of atheism to believing that nothing exist. Not only is this statement not true, it is ambiguous and promotes false assumptions of what Atheism is. I am also troubled by Pinn's description of Black Non-Theist Humanism as being RELIGIOUS in his writing. 

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