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Monday, September 16, 2013

Jab Jab vs. Zombie

Who could have thought of a combination like this but a Jab Jab.  Jab Jab character has long been a part of the Grenadian carnival celebration. The Jab Jab character, to me, seems to be a cool cross between an African Zulu warrior and the Norse mythological character Loki, Thor’s adopted brother. The Jab Jab is portrayed as a being who install fear into the enemy, and with that power he or she can over-come anything. Jab Jab Soca artist Earl Edward, known as Synnah in the Soca world, takes this character from the carnival festival onto the pages – Zombie Avengers:Jab Jab vs. Zombie. A children book series. 

The book is set in Grenada, where some young boys decided to take on some zombies that is lurking in the tropical rain-forest of island, and to help them take on the Zombies, they sought the help of the mystical tribe called the “Jab Jabs,” who possess magical powers....

Synnah has now written two books in his Zombie Avengers series. Great job Synnah! As one reviewer on Amazon by the name of Greta ask, “Please tell us more about the Jab Jabs.” 

As reported on, Earl Edward said “My books are written to make reading and learning

fun for kids.  The Zombie Avengers series is silly and fun, but it allows kids to use their imagination with the action packed zombie fight scenes.  It takes place in the tropical jungles of Grenada so it opens kid’s minds and exposes them to different cultures and customs—in a fun and entertaining way.”

His first book in the series – Zombie Avengers: Slay the Zombies or Fart Trying 

Jab Jab having fun during Carnival in Grenada...

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