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Sunday, January 30, 2011


The Springs Community of Churches (set up by Pastor Stamford Simon and others) held a group singles session, with young Grenadians, which they titled ‘One is a Whole Number’.  No kidding, it is! The number one is certainly a whole number; we learn that in prime school math class. With all jock aside, what were the attendees to learn from that session?
The presenter informed the attendees that “being single is not a curse”, and they “must feel complete in Christ first”. But this is where things gets strange. The reason for them to feel complete, the attendees were told, is because 1+1=1, in the spiritual realm. Really! Yes, really. 1+1=1, they claim, not on earth, of course, in the “spiritual realm”.  Come on! Is this some kind of “supreme mathematics”, as the people in the ‘new age’ movement will call it? Apparently, the Dr. Lucia Woods and the others who host the session went to the “spiritual realm” did the math test, conformed that this is true and came back to update us. Of course, this is nonsensical pseudoscience, pseudo-mathematics.
Indeed, I can hear some of you pointing out that the presenter, Dr. Lucia Woods, was just making an analogy. But how does this information drive home the point of the session? As I can tell, the session was to help young people make better decisions, and to inform them that they should not blindly go into relationship just because they are afraid of being alone. They must feel good about themselves and do not need any validation from someone else. If this is the point, then the analogy is absurd. To ask someone to believe that being single is not bad, because one plus one is equal to one in the spiritual realm is crazy talk, and, Dr. Woods is asking these people to suspend their rational mind if he intended for them to believe him . Of course being single is not a bad thing, but these two things are not related. They are two very different topics, one base in reality and the other in crazy land.  
Moreover, this pseudo-math has been presented as being real math that can only happen in the “spiritual realm”, and, of course, the participants have no way to validate presenter's claim. I am certain that many, if not all, of the attendees believe this absurd claim. After all, they, most often than not, trust their pastors. The fact is, these people are engage in numerology and metaphysicsal punditry , two things Pastor Stamford Simon himself will call evil devil worship. Hypocrisy, isn’t it?

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