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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Earth in Outer Space

If this turns out to be true, it will be cool to know. Well, I don’t know about you, but it definitely will be cool to me. Indeed, it will certainly change the way we view things. The potential for the existence of other human-like beings or other human beings will now become more probable. And the religious, I am certain, will be irate, and will be burning with anger, and standing ready to do the same to us today as they did to Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 -1543), imprisoning him to his death for showing, among other things, that the sun and not the earth was the center of our solar system.
Certainly, this earth and its inhabitants, no more, will be the seen as unique or highly favored by God who made it especially for his most intelligently created creators. Why?  Because it will be proven that life, as we know it, can exist elsewhere.
Indeed, religion, for certain, does not want to find this truth. Oh! "You're trying to play God!" This is often their claims. But even if they want to, religion, unlike science, has a problem. It is stagnant; an intrinsic characteristic, the nature of religion. If religion was allowed to be in total control, we will still be stuck in a primitive state still. Science, on the other hand, is built upon progress; always searching for answers. And, are there earth-like planets out there that can sustain life is one of the many questions science and scientists are exploring. So, are there earth-like planets in outer space? Take a listen:    


  1. Hello there,

    What is the possible position of the atheist in Granda? Are they come out in Public at large. ?

  2. I am shame to say no. There are a few but they are not vocal. I know of one that is a member of the political party now in power. In fact, there are calls for him to be dropped because of his openly claims to be an Atheist. I am looking for more Grenadians to come out and stop hiding in the shadows.

  3. Most of the "holy" books never had the vision to include the knowledge of the universes and such because those books were written in more primitive times by men/priests who only had a narrow scope of universal knowledge. Asteroids, comets, dark matter, black holes, other planets shaping up to be earth-like and able to sustain life were beyond the "holy" books authors knowledge base. They did not even record the dinosaurs ever living before humans in these books! It is truly sad that in modern times most people choose to thump books over the heads of people who truly know and understand the holy books thereby they dismiss the claims and "morals" and "divine" knowledge of these "holy" books.

  4. Indeed, Shepsu. When it come to information about the world and how it works, the Bible is the last book one once to checkout. You know you are dealing with primitive minds when you are told that 'a bat is a bird' or that 'the sun was put to stand still'. It is sad that people still promote these religious books as ultimate revelation, ultimate knowledge.