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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Did The Ancestors See This Coming?

A 53-year-old Miguel Leon Jr, “pastor of a small Santeria congregation in his Medford home has been convicted of sexually abusing two teenage brothers”. Miguel “had led a group that practices Lucumi Yoruba, which prosecutors describe as a Santeria religion based on Christianity and West African spiritual beliefs”. A Suffolk County jury found Miguel Leon guilty Friday of 37 counts, including criminal sex acts and endangering the welfare of a child. Prosecutors said Leon told the brothers, 14 and 16, that by performing sex acts with him, they would acquire spiritual energy, power, and a higher level of enlightenment. The victims were abused from December 2008 to July 2009.
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This is a bizarre story; however, many ancestor worshop religions/cults within Afrocentrism, for example,  teach that one can “acquire spiritual energy, power, and a higher level of enlightenment” through sex. It is a common tread in these religious groups. They appears to be obsessed with sex. In fact, many of the leaders claim to have obtained this “higher level of enlightenment”. This is, of course, nonsensical pseudoscience; irrationality.  Protect your children; no ancestors,spirits, or God(s) on the other side or in heaven, even if they exist, will do it for you!


  1. I am not sure ; but, I believe that this was talk about in the movie Davinci Code with Tom Hanks. The religion contradicts the Christian doctrine. However, I have been to Christian Churches , where have been sexual acts; I remember one of the members named Vashtie stated" when they went to the convacation in Canada, it was all about sex" then I was being harassed to have sex with one of the Ministers named Tour'e Payton; which was Vashtie Cousin. Also, Tour'e god mother Veronica brought to church with them a man named Al' whom I later found out that was in the paper for child molestation ; him and Veronica Smith runned the Youth service on friday nights; it is imparable to believe these so called holy worshipers; are trying to excuse their behavior for an act of endurance to honor their religion.

  2. Indeed, most do use these absurdities as a way to excuse their absurd behavior. One have to be careful to not get drawn into these absurd beliefs.

  3. Parents, the number one role of a parent is to guard your offspring at all costs. There is no organization that I would leave my girl or boy child in the hands of any authority figure to have free sexual reign over my children, period. I am there for basketball practice, soccer, dance classes, you name it.
    Humans have been lulled into states of unconsciousness where we no longer care to deeply understand human nature as it really is. Therefore, many parents hand their children up to authority figures who, if they are so inclined, will take 100% advantage of the young,innocent, and defenseless. The only guard for your children is you, parent. Sleep if you want to. Remain blind and deaf if it helps to soothe your sensibilities with ignorance of the facts of human nature. If a pedophile wants to get with children (their preferred sexual objects) they will put themselves in any environment that will help them gain ready access to their prime objectives(children), Duhh!
    That goes for all persons who are seen as authority figures and choose to use their status for personal gain, which sadly the majority of authority figures use their positions for what ever their fancies are. This is from Psych 101 and Sociology 101, and everyday life experience.