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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long In Trouble Again

Bishop Eddie Long might be in trouble again, but GOD is doing great for him. Not a house; not a mansion; it’s an ESTATE baybay – GOD IS GOOD!  By the way, did GOD forget about you?

Bishop Eddie Long is promoting another scam:
Bishop Eddie Long, founder and operator of his New Birth Church, finds himself in yet another big scandal.
Fox 5 Atlanta has exposed Bishop Long’s promotional quest involving one Ephren Taylor who Long introduced to the members of his church as “his friend and brother,” assisting Taylor to make a financial presentation about investing in his video game machines.
Parishioners invested in excess of a million dollars, at their bishop’s recommendation, and found that Ephren Taylor’s company that sold them the sweepstakes game machines has now been indicted for operating a gambling enterprise.
Bishop Long, seeking restitution for his flock, made a video, imploring Taylor to return the funds.
The bishop claims he has made appeals to Ephren Taylor to return all the investors money. And then he added, “I want you to know New Birth, received, nor myself, any financial blessing or gift from Ephren Taylor.” Taylor claims that is simply not true. He wrote New Birth Missionary Church received a cut of all sales of his books and CD’s sold at the church. Long responded by saying that all money received was to defray expenses.
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  1. Thanks for that information; my deceased grandmother church ; bishop Davis had so called ran into a scam with bonds and his members lost all their money; I say the leaders of the church know about it and is in on it; and should be hold responsable.

  2. Yes, they do. And if Bishop Eddie Long did not I blame him for not making sure his "flock" was putting their money in the right place. But I doubt he did not know. It's all about the BOTTOM LINE. Isn't it? as Creflo Dollar said "money, money coming down". Praise God!
    These social "flock" should open their eyes, use their brain and intellect and see that they are being scammed from all sides. This is hard for me to say, but if the "flock" is unwilling to wise up, maybe they deserve to be scammed all the time.