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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dog Killed For Chewing Bible

A Spartanburg County woman has been charged with felony animal cruelty, accused of hanging her nephew's pit bull from a tree with an electrical cord and burning its body after the dog chewed on her Bible, authorities said Monday.
When questioned by police and animal control officers, Miriam Smith told them the female dog named "Diamond" was a "devil dog" and that she feared it might harm neighborhood children, according to an incident report from the county's Environmental Enforcement Department.
Authorities said the 1-year-old dog was kept outside on a chain and chewed the Bible that had been left on Smith's porch. The dog's remains were found under a pile of dried, cut grass. Part of the orange cord was still around the dog's neck and a smell of kerosene still hung in the air, the animal control officer wrote in her report. The dog was killed about two weeks ago when Smith's nephew was forced to spend several days away from home because of winter weather in the area, authorities said.
SourceThe Post and Courier 

I often hear the phrase “dogma makes you crazy”. I concur with that view, and this story highlights that to be very true. I do not know this woman's state of mind prior to the chewing of the Bible, but it appears that her connection to this “Holy” book is what leads her to react in that horrible manner. Of course, she must have known that there are Bibles in book stores, right? Just replace it. Jesus freak! However, she is mistaken, the dog is not the “devil” here, she, insted, better suits that description. There is no denying, Religion can take otherwise good people and make the crazy. “Dogma makes you crazy”.


  1. OMG, it seems like everthing fits now; because people have been killing babies, children and people in the name of religion; now it is complete;the believers had done an 360 back to sacrificng animals; but, now the animals are holding demons and they feel that they should be destroyed. OMG, forbid if it was an child that chewed it. This woman is obviously suffering from some sort of mental disorder,that her so called god failed to deliver her from; why,because the god does not exist. If she committed this crime ; she should do the time; she is an danger to herself and every living thing around her.

  2. I tend to agree that the woman had some form of mental problem. With that problem, she is in the wrong place looking for help. Religion, will compound the problem because it can make you more agitated.It tells you to alienate others who do not share your belief, a very bad thing. She need help. The is no God to help her but herself. She needs to get professionals help. Until she understand that, she will be in a bad place.