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Monday, March 21, 2011

Church pastor jailed for 11 and a half years for trafficking children into the UK

 Lucy Adeniji brought two children and a 21-year-old woman to the UK from Africa illegally and used them as servants. She was convicted of 17 different counts at Isleworth Crown Court. The mother-of-five is the first person to be jailed for trafficking children into the UK for domestic servitude. In a case that has been likened to modern-day slavery, Adeniji smuggled the three victims into Britain on false passports, and used them as servants at her home in Ray Gardens, Barking.
An illegal immigrant herself, Adeniji, 44 - originally from Nigeria - had told the victims' parents they would have a better life in the UK, but instead viciously beat them if they failed to please her. The abuse only came to light when one of the victims escaped from Adeniji's home after being beaten.  
Source-BBC News London

Around the world children are being abuse in the name of religion. Children have been denied medical attention, left for dead, just because of some supernatural belief. Pastors and Priest have been molesting our children and continues to. In Africa, Christian evangelists have been running a muck. Children are being accused of being witchcraft workers. As a result, they are thrown out of their homes, villages and many are killed by these “enlighten” Christians. Tell me! Who is look out for our children? If there is a God, is he busy revealing miracles to fanatics? Are God, Jesus, and Allah just sitting on their thrown watching the abuse of those that cannot defend them selves?
Or, maybe; just maybe, there is no body there. Maybe we are the ones to protect our children and ourselves. And that, I believe, is the fact. We are the ones, and unless we standup and demand the protection of our children from these superstition nuts, these religious people will continue to commit these crimes. There is no God out there waiting to help us. The helping hand we are look for is at the end of our own arm.

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