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Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is Disrespect!

Folks, did we vote to put children into our House of Parliament. I didn't think so. Then why are these parliamentarians been warned “that the use of cell phones will no longer be tolerated during sittings, because of the interruption and disturbances caused by these devices during sessions of MP’s”. Didn’t they suppose to know that?  These people are not children, they are not teenagers. It is gross disrespect that members of the House are allowing their phones to ring during session. Come on folks, this is the House of Parliament and not a play ground. You guys are "adults", isn't it. Well, I couldn't tell.
Even children know that doing such thing in their class rooms is disrespect to their teachers, in addition to disturbing the class. So why are these adults who holes top public service positions in the land acting less that children. This is appalling. Come on people, grow up.

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