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Sunday, April 3, 2011

“We all are worshiping the same God”

How many times have you been in a conversation about religion and you heard the phrase “we are all worshiping the same God”. I guess plenty of times. This phrase is pervasive in religious conversation. On the face of it, this phrase appears to be pointing to the idea that because we worship the same God, we should love each other more.
Indeed, I agree that we should be more loving to each other, but those who use and believe that this phrase speaks truth, is living in dream land. They are in a state of wishful thinking, or, on the other hand, they are using this phrase as a way to minimize the differences between their religion and the religion of others that underscores elements that propagates violence.
In the wake of the Qur’aan burning theatrics that happened in Florida, a sick act overseen by Florida pastor, Paul J. Richards, it seems that this idea is far from truth. Pastor Richard placed the Qura’aan (the Muslim “Holy” book) on trial and judged that the Qur’aan was "guilty", and, as a result, concludes that for punishment, it must be burn. This despicable act no doubt shines light on what Christians really thinks about other people’s religions. I often ask those who use this phrase, are you willing to convert to another religion, and I have never ever received a yes answer. Why is that? It seems bizarre that if this claim is true, converting to another religion should be no problem. But, there is a problem, and many try to explain the problem away, and it is because they really don’t believe that are worshiping the same God as other people.
The idea of worshiping the “same God”, for the Christian, for example, is their personal God whom everyone else should turn to and worship. It is not the other way around. The same is true for adherents to other faiths. As a result, there is no way that pastor Paul J. Richards could have had a  “fair” trial (whatever that means) of the Qur’aan since in the eyes of pastor Paul J. Richards and most Christians, if not all, the Qur’aan is not a book from God. In other words, it is not a book sent by the Christian God. Thus, it was already found "guilty". So, Pastor Richards is speaking nonsense when he siad that, “If the jury had reached a different conclusion, he would have issued an apology for his accusations that the Qur’aan promotes violence”. Pastor Richards knows he do not really mean that. That was never an concidered option. The Qur’aan was already damned.
I certainly don’t advocate the burning of “Holy” books. I think it is very offensive and insensitive. However, Pastor Paul J. Richards is right when he said that the Qur’aan promotes violence, but he should not singled out the Qur’aan, the Christian “Holy” Bible upholds and promotes as much evil and violence too. In fact, these two Abrahamic religions have caused and continue to cause much bloodshed on the planet. I have found them both to be guilty of untold acts of violence! I have no apology!
The fact is this; all you religious people are not worshiping the same God, period. The Muslim Allah, for instance, who commands Muslims, in the Qur’aan, that they should "take not Jews and Christians for your friends…"(Surah 5:51), cannot be the same God the Christians follow. He cannot be the same God that tells the Christians to go convert those who are not Christians, then turn around and tell the Muslims that Christians are infidels, unbelievers; don’t keep them for friends. Do you see what just happened? God just setup these people to kill each other. So much for God’s love!
Indeed, if the Muslim God and the Christians God are the same, then here in lies one more reason why God deserves no praise and no worship, even if he existed. In fact, if he does, he should be tried for crimes against nature and humanity.
It is undeniable that both the Qur’aan and the Bible uphold killing people of other faiths. It sanctions the killing of unbelievers, infidels; anyone who doesn’t and will not believe in their specific brands of faith. Christians are infidels to Muslims and, so to are Muslims infidels to Christians, and the rest of the world are infidels to them both. In this light, the phrase, “we all are worshiping the same God” means nothing, but a way of ignoring the truth that religious dogmas are bad for our health. It is a way to convince oneself that his or hers religion is true by not juxtaposing it with reality. It is certainly an attempt to avoid dealing with the reality that he or she might be wrong after all is said and done.  

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