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Friday, July 15, 2011

Suffering from wars; your homes are destroyed and you have no food to eat, well, don’t worry, reading the Bible will solve that.

Folks, you cant’t make this shit up. 

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a central African nation, has been plagued by civil wars for over the past 15 years. The fighting has resulted in the deaths for more than 5 million people and the displacement of more than 2 million.
In addition to a history of civil war and unrest, the DRC faces the challenges of hunger and disease, with excess mortality rates due to AIDS. Life expectancy for men in the DRC is 53.9 years, while women are expected to live an average of 56.8 years.
Indeed, it appears that the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are leaving very difficulty lives and needs the help of the developed world.
However, don’t worry, help is here, one religious group, the Wycliffe Associates, an international organization that is involve in Bible translation, came up with a most wonderful idea to help these suffering people over come their plight. Give them Bibles! Teach them to translate the Bible in their language. That will help.
According to Bruce Smith, the president and CEO of Wycliffe Associate, “I know regions of the DRC continue to suffer senseless violence and death under the heavy burden of its history.” [And], that is why Wycliffe Associates is committed to building a permanent national Bible translation training center, at the Shalom (Peace) University, in Bunia, DRC—a place of peace and security. There is faculty ready to train national Bible translators, but no housing and limited space for training. A national Bible translation training center, training Congolese Bible translators will give the people of DRC the hope they need to survive.

Really! People are suffering, dying, living with no shelter and you people think the best way to help these suffering African people is to give Bibles. How about providing food, helping them build shelters, teaching them to be doctors, nurses etc, so they can help themselves and each other. Aren't you missionaries done enough in have Africans killing each other over the Bible and the Qur'an. 

Source - ReligiousNewsBlog


  1. This is sad, makes me think of when they near wiped out entire native populations with small pox etc but did so holding the bible

  2. It is hypocrisy for these people to think that by giving these suffering people Bible their condition will change. These people need real help. and, you are right, it was these religions that were use to wipe out total indigenous populations, and is causing people to kill each others today. It will certainly add to the demise the DRC people is facing now. Think about things like the Witch hunt that is escalated in African because of the Bible and Christianity.