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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pastor convicted of sexually assaulting 14-year-old member of congregation

I have been following and reporting on the abuse the clergy has visited upon the most venerable in our society, our children. For those of us who keep a watchful eye on religion, its adherents and how they affect the general  public has seen that almost everyday some member or members of the clergy, whether it is a Catholic priest or  pastors from other churches, are being charged with molesting, in some form or another, our children.
Here is another story of such evil committed by those claiming to have been chosen by some supernatural male power living in a place call heaven. Isaac K. Aryee an pastor of a Christian church name “Praise Chapel International Ministries” was convicted of sexual assault on a child. According to the report, he is charge for using force to sexual assault the child. He is also charged with pattern of abuse and, with three counts of sexual assault on a child.
According to the Denver District Attorney's office, the victim, who was born in Sierra Leone, was a member of Aryee's church and the assaults began when the victim was 14 years old in 2008. The victim gave birth to a baby girl in March 2010 and paternity tests showed Aryee is the father.
Disgraceful as Aryee’s action is, the defense this criminal mind put up will turned your gut inside out. “During the trial, Aryee, testified and denied the allegations. His attorney argued that the victim was not a child, based on the fact that a birth certificate was never issued in Sierra Leone as it was in the middle of a civil war at the time.
Aryee faces an indeterminate to life sentence with a minimum of eight to 24 years in prison when he is sentenced on Sept. 26.

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