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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it Just a “T-Shaped” Piece of Steal or, is it, a Christian Cross

Remember the big uproar made by American conservative Christians claiming that the Islamic community center that was proposed to be built near ground zero was defiling the sacredness of the location. Their objection was indeed religiously based. We the Christians could not have an Islamic religious building (although it was not) near ground zero because the crime committed at that site was done by Muslims. So goes the reason for the objection, even though the people proposing the building had nothing to do with the criminals who committed the crime. These same Christians, however, are now calling to erect a piece of steal that certainly has religious significance to them on the World Trade Center Memorial and, somehow they do not see that as violating that sacredness of ground zero, a place where, not only Christians, but also the lives of Muslims and people of other faiths were lost on that tragic day. What am I speaking about here? I am speaking about a giant piece of “T-Joint” shape steal that remained standing after Muslim extremists maliciously destroyed the world trade center.
There are objection to the erection of this “T-Joint” piece of steal, however.  According to those who oppose, this "T-Joint" piece of steal is viewed as a Christian symbol; a Christian cross, they argued. But, is that really so. Does the public really view that “T-Joint” piece of steal as a cross, or, do they see it as just a piece of steal that reminds us of the lives lost in that horrific act on 9/11? According to the American Atheists President David Silverman, this “T-Joint” is view as a cross by the American public who are calling for it to be erected.  "They have this T-joint that looks like a cross, and essentially deified it. They made it into a Christian icon." Sure, said the NY Post columnist Andrea Peyser, this “T-Joint” is a cross. In fact, Peyser describe it as the “famous September 11 Cross.”
I have mixed feeling about this “T-Joint” issue, but, if it is seen as a cross, then, I believe, that it should not be erected, because, in that sense, the Government will be violating the church/state separation. Moreover, this piece of steal, I am sure, was not the only piece of steal that remained on that tragic day, then why not use another. Why spent so much attention on this particular piece. Is it the shape? I believe it is. One cannot deny that the shape of this piece of steal is what is driving its significance. In my view, it is undoubtedly that the appealing factor behind the passion to erect this “T-Joint” piece of steal at ground zero is because of its shape; it speaks to the Christian ethos , that is where the appeal lies.

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