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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Circumcision Should be a Choice an Adult Makes for Himself

There are many religious people and religious organization that are actively working to keep what is clearly inhumane acts of religion alive. Circumcision, for instance, is one of these inhumane acts. The state of California, for example, has just banned local authorities from outlawing male Circumcision. “Religious groups applauded Governor Jerry Brown’s signature Sunday of a bill, which prevents cities and counties from interfering with parents wishing to circumcise their sons.”
“Matthew Hess, an activist behind the attempted ban in San Francisco, said Sunday that California had “taken a big step backward. … Circumcision is elective surgery that an adult should be allowed to choose for himself.”
In this video proponents of Circumcision gives reasons why this inhumane acts should continue.

Indeed, to mutilate one’s penis is a choice an adult individual should choose for himself. A child should not have to endure this.  It certainly does not matter if one is following “TRADITION” or some directive given by a God, child circumcision should not be allowed. There is no health benefit enjoyed by a circumcised boy over one who is not. This assertion that there are health benefits is false. Here is some simple facts about what circumcision denies individuals. It takes away 15-square inches of skin that helps protects the male pines against abrasion, drying, and contaminants of all sorts. It takes away lubricating glands, which protect both male and female sexual organs during intercourse. Circumcision  has no benefit to the individuals, not as a child nor as adults.
Indeed, the adults who are carrying out this act are more interested in fulfilling their religious fantasy. The idea, as put forth in the video above, that putting a child through this traumatic ordeal is so that he knows that the community accepts him is asinine and certainly insane. Will you not accept your child into you community if he is not circumcise. I doubt that you will
Moreover, the idea that this sadistic act should be allow because it is “TRADATION” and/or of God’s command is ludicrous. We have done many things in the past that was part of tradition and/or commands of God; however, we have chosen to abandon many of these acts and for good reasons. No longer, for example, do we stone people to death. No longer do we force raped women to marry the perpetrators of the crime. Why, the answer is simply, these acts are antithetical to a moral society.
As claimed by religious people, the call to band child circumcision and make it something an adult chose for himself is not about infringing upon a parent’s “right to decide”. Parents do decide for their children and they should always have that right, but some parents’ decisions are very detrimental to their children’s well-being. Should we then just stand aside and say, it is the parents’ child; thus, they can do whatever they want, even when their decision is clearly harming the child. I think not.
This is about protecting human beings who otherwise cannot protect themselves. I recently ask a Christian friend of mine this question. Do you think that parents should be allowed to engage in “FAITH HEALING”, denying their child medical attention in hopes that God do the healing instead?  The answer I received astonished me. She said that she is aware that almost all of these children die because of the lack of medical attention, which, if allowed, would have saved their lives, but, she insisted, God had a better plan for these children. My question then becomes, why allow these children to be born in the first place, only to die a painful death. Is this how God works? My point here, however, is not to compare faith healing with Circumcision, they are two very different things. However, look at how my friend evaded the real issue. She side step the children well-being and make tries to rationalize the parents neglect. She is trying to justify why these children should be allowed to die and not give an opportunity to live a fruitful life, all by invoking the supernatural. I strongly doubt the children will share the same view; he or she will certainly want to live.  Indeed, “FAITH HEALERS” are parents exercising their “right to decide”. Sadly, however, it is to their children demise. Circumcision too is hazardous to these children, and, like faith healing parents, circumcision parents convince themselves that their children somehow agree with them. These parents and rabbis do not care about the pain and trauma these young children suffers. It is all about their faith in a supernatural being, and Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, in the video, is speaking as if the children is enjoying ever minute of having their penis cut. Are you kidding? Research has shown that the pain experienced by infants alters the entire lifetime pattern of response to pain. Why then are you putting these helpless children through the trauma. Please, stop cutting the little ones. Let God cut his own penis.

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