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Monday, October 3, 2011

What Amanda Knox Received and Troy Davis did not?

Amanda Knox, the American exchange student to Italy, is free after spending four years in an Italian prison. Over the years, especially in America, Amanda Knox was seen as been given an unfair trial, in which she was found guilt for murdering the British exchange student, Meredith Kercher. Today, however, Ms. Knox was set free. Her convection overturned, found not guilt after appealing her conviction and granted a new trial.
As I sit and watch the well-anticipated new jury result on television, statements made by many of American television personalities and so-called law experts took me aback, so I decide to juxtapose the two case and shine some light on the two Judicial Systems.
What strikes me most are how these “supper” Americans television personalities cry down the Italian judicial system while, at the same time, claiming that in America no one would have gone through the injustice Amanda Knox supposedly went through for four years. As I listen to these people pontificate on the case, my mind flashes back to another recent case. The Troy Davis’ case, where he was found guilty for killing Mark MacPhai, an off-duty Savannah police office.
Indeed, like Amanda Knox, Troy Davis original conviction was riddled with questions that speak to him possible being an innocent man. However, even though Amanda Knox’s DNA was found on the handle of the knife that is believed to have been used in the murder. Even when she contradicted herself when questioned by police and wrongly point to her former boss, Patrick Lumumba, as the killer, Ms. Knox was given an opportunity of a new trial. A trial that found that the DNA sample was contaminated and eventually finding her not guilty. Indeed, despite these Americans painting the Italian Judicial system as unfair, Amanda Knox was given another chance in court to prove her innocence.
Opposite to that, Troy Davis was not. In Mr. Davis’, case there was absolutely no evidence that connected him to the crime. There was no gun, no DNA, no forensic evidence, etc. In fact, seven of the nine witnesses recanted their statement and there was even police coercion of the witnesses. Yet, with the share mountain of doubt that surrounded Troy Davis' case, he was not given that same opportunity as Amanda Knox, a second chance to prove his innocence. Thus, when I look at both cases, I cannot but be  appalled by the statements of these TV personalities and so-called law experts. I guess they were out of the country during the nations’ call for Troy Davis to receive a stay in his execution and be granted a new trial, instead of going ahead and kill a most possible innocent man. I understand the need to call for justice and Amanda Knox certainly deserved justice but so to was Troy Davis, and he received none. In fact, during the lead-up to Troy's execution, not one of these so-called law experts was seen on television exposing the injustice Troy received by the American Justice System. These television personalities and so-called judicial law expert was nowhere to be seen speaking on behalf of this possible innocent man. Indeed, from the way things appears, it seems that Troy Davis would have had a better chance to prove his innocence and received  real justice by the hands of Italian Judicial System, instead of the racist American judicial system he encountered in Georgia.
Moreover, I assume that when these television personalities claimed that the American Justice system does not deal an unjust hand to anybody, the people they are speaking of are white Americans because Troy Davis, a black man, certainly did not receive a fear trial. In fact, many black people and other minorities in America continues to receive unfair treatment by the hands of American Justice System, period.


  1. Yes, what you say is true. Like every other facet of american society, it's the money that counts. American justice is the same, it's not whether you are guilty or innocent, it's how good of a lawyer you can afford. justice comes at the end of the dollar bill.

  2. That is certainly true. However, the justice System in America also posses a color division. Your skin color also dictates your faith. Blacks and Latinos do receive unfair treatment and that appears to be intrinsic to the Justice System.

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