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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Stimulus Package From The Angles

I recently attended a lecture given by a prominent Afrocentric leader. It was my first lecture attended after being rejuvenated. Or after I had morph into becoming Kepra. By that I mean, after I had emerged, or risen into a new day, restored. Crossing Rasta. That is, I have crossed that imaginary line (or Rasta) that separate dogma and irrational thinking and steeped into the new world of rationality, reason and reality. So to speak. And man, was this lecture tedious to listen to. My head was about to explode listing to the mas pseudoscience and irrationality the audience was expected to accept as facts, and they did. The gullibility of the people in attendance was staggering. I never thought it was that bad. Indeed, I was to up-close before, as one who adhered to, at some extent, these ideas. I can see now why Afro-centrism writers like Marimba Ani forcefully argues that the Afro-centrism herd should not employ "objective" nor "critical" cognitive thinking skills (Yurugu - An Afrikan-centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior). It is the white man cognitive mindset, Ani argued. Black people should not employ these cognitive tools in their thinking. Really! Well then, I gess that I will have to betrayed my people. In fact, this is the charge made against those that distance themselves from these absurd Afro-centrism ideas. Those who opt to ascent to rationality and reason. This same charge is made against those who reject the Euro-centric base Black church (Christianity in general). This charge is nevertheless a small price to pay. For if you choose not to employ these cognitive functions and side with people like Marimba Ani, you will definitely fall for the garbage peddled by these charlatans, as demonstrated in the lecture.
Indeed, the lecturer did not have to try hard to convince the attendees of the absurdities he taught since, by observation, everyone in attendance appears to have been hardcore believers. They all agreed with the lecturer, for example, that science proclaim man to have had evolved directly from monkey. I don't see monkeys changing into man today, the lecturer scornfully joked. Everyone bust-out in laughter, convinced they all had it right. 
I did not stay for the entire lecture, however. I could no longer listen to these, to be quite frank, garbage. However, the intermediate period was even more hilarious. During this period, the lecturer, of course, had his products on sale. The charlatan move. The Snake-Oil salesman. Peddling his product after convening the audience that he was chosen my the ancestors, and, had been visited by their “spirits”, from another dimension. They gave him special knowledge to dispense to them, and armed with this new, never known before knowladge, their lives will improve for the better. They will make plenty money. Etc.
One product the lecturer claimed to have had, was music. according to him, the music was very special. It was given to him by ancestors' spirits who are living in another dimension, higher than ours. They cross over from their higher dimension into this reality and drop-off the already packaged music. The music, however, was on cassette tape. That was indeed funny! Well, I gess the “spirit” population, from this so-called “higher” dimension, has not caught up with technology. Price of this "SPECIAL" music, twenty bucks. Yes, twenty dollars for music that supposedly came from another dimension and placed on cassette tape. Of course, no body saw anything wrong or even weird with that. No questions asked. The tapes were all sold out in a flash. I was amazed but sadden at the same time. I felt sorry for the people that was being taken advantage off or was allowing themselves to. I wanted to challenge the authenticity of these music tapes. However, I refused because, I realized, I was on hostile ground.
Other products were also on sale. They included pictures of Kemitic (Egyptian) and Hindu's gods and goddess. These postures of the deities were advertised as having the power to provide you with protections and, of course, earn you lots of money also. You have to buy them, of course. The lecturer also had a very interesting package on sale. It was the most important of all. It was a package he called the “STIMULUS PAGAGE”. Well, I'll just let him explain how this package work......

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