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About Me

I am a former mathematics school teacher. I taught at the St. Mark's Secondary School (SMSS), St. Mark, Grenada. I am now living in the United States, where I currently work with a nonprofit company. I am in the process of acquiring a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Cultural Studies with a focus in philosophy. I am a volunteer GED mathematics tutor in one of my Brooklyn community church. I am also a participating member of the Center For Inquire (CFI) Harlem discussion group, and a member of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture.

Note: My new upcoming book is

Apostate! No More Bazoodee: A Grenadian Quest to Think Outside the Box

The word Bazoodee in local Grenadian parlance simple means "stupidity." 

I am the author of the book:
From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari

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My Political and Religious Views
I am an Afro-centered person who is an acknowledged Atheist, Freethinker and secular humanist. My ethical views are grounded in the consequentialism ethical theory. I am neither for nor am I against any political parties. What I am against, however, is irrationality and lies, and yes, I love myths. Myths not only makes for good read, they can provide great incites into reality.

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