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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Android App Claims Ability to Detect if Your Son is Gay

Want to know if your son is Gay. Well, you don’t have to ask and he wouldn't have to tell, but, don't worry, there is an App for that. You remember the idea of Gay-dar, the intuition your homophobic friend claims to have, which giving him/her the ability to detect if a person is Gay or not. Well, you don’t have to depend on this guess work anymore. The holly spirit has answered this homophobic's prayers. All shout, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, praise GOD!
In Google's Android App store there's a download App that, they said, can answer your hunch about someone, only 99 cents. Yep, no kidding, you heard me right. There is a phone App that is believed to have the ability to tell you if someone is gay.
The phone App is promoted to mothers. It calms that it can tell Mam if her son is gay. All you have to do is simply answer a round of 20 questions.
So, after downloading the new phone App, you decided to call up your sister, Mary:  You had always have an hunch that her son was Gay and wanted to out him, but you was not sure. You smile, here is your chance to prove he is gay.


  1. Does he like to dress up nicely? Does he pay close attention to his outfits and brand names? 
  2. Does he like football?  
  3. Before he was born did you wish he would be a girl? 
  4. Has he ever gotten into or participated in a fight? 
  5. Does he read sports magazines? 
  6. Does he have a best friend? 
  7. Does he like team sports? 
  8. Is he prudish/modest?
  9. Does he like diva singers?
  10. Does he spend a long time in the bathroom?
  11. Does he have a tongue, nose or ear piercing?
  12. Does he spend time getting ready before being seen in public?
  13. Have you asked yourself questions about your son’s sexual orientation?
  14. Are you divorced?
  15. Does he like musical comedies?
  16. Has he introduced you to a girlfriend ever?
  17. Is the father (you) very strict or authoritarian with his son?
  18. In your family, is the father absent?
  19. Was he shy as a child?
  20. Is he close to his father?
There is absolutely no point to this. It is a pointless exercise. Will this App detect who is gay and who is not? Of course not. This is foolishness. It is asinine, absurd and ridiculous, but, instead of donating to some charity, there are those who will spend money on this absurdity.

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